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This information is mainly for shareware authors with new program releases.
Jumpto: Master PAD file sites; High Rank Directories; Young Directories

Master PAD file sites

Association of Shareware Professionals <> defined the PAD file, "Portable Application Description". Paid membership is optional, but includes author and webmaster tools. They have a list of download / directory sites that accept PAD file submissions.

International PAD Database <> requires free membership to upload PAD files, paid membership for "Super Lister" access to entire database.

High Rank Directories, PR = 4 or more, fast response               [to top]

<> Family Internet Directory, PR=6.

AbiLogic Business Web Directory <> offers free and paid listings, PR=6.

Absolute Directory <>, PR=4.

Add Your Site <> has free and pay listings, PR=5.

Allthewebsites Directory <> - A niche web directory offering website promotion and other webmaster resources. PR=5.

Any Windows Shareware <>, PR=5, REAL-TIME postings.

Apexoo Directory <> has free listings, PR=4.

BusinessSeek.Biz Directory has PR=6.

Cipinet Directory <> has PR=5.

Directory Force <> has free listings, PR=5.

Directory Storm <> has free listings, PR=4.

<> Web Directory, $3 USD to list, PR=6.

Human edited and seo friendly web directory <> has free, swap, and pay listings, PR=4.

Find us in <> under software. PR=5. Directory organized by subject, including Shareware. PR=7., PR=6, One Time Fee = US$39.99.

<> Search Engine and Web Directory, PR=5.

<> Kwik Goblin Web Directory, PR=5.

Shareware Junction family: free and $47.90 per year to appear in all of the following:, PR=6, PR=5, PR=5, PR=5, PR=2, PR=0
4 out of 6 are high rank.

<>, PR=5. Reciprocal link is optional. has PR=7.

Tsection Web Directory <>, PR=5. Free, link-swap, and pay listings., free and pay, PR=6. web directory and library, PR=5.

Young Directories with room near the top, fast response        [to top]

Add Link Directory <> is fast with link exchange, 3-4 weeks without., reciprocal link is optional. Ours was posted same day.; reciprocal link is optional. Posted ours same day., no link swap required. Ours was posted same day., free, pay, and link swap. Our link was posted within hours.

DirectoryCafe, free, pay, and link swap., system assists on submissions, after URL is verified. listed us in less than 24 hours. They have over 30,000 titles. Internet Directory, free and link swap. Ours was posted within 24 hours.

Kasan Web Directory <>, link trades only.

Link Velocity Directory <>, free and reciprocal links. Ours was posted same day.

Little Web Directory <>, free and swap links.

Red Links - SEO Web Directory <>, says no fees or reciprocals, but swaps still wanted., free, pay, and link swap. - World's Funniest Videos!, unusual tie between listings and film clips. no link swap needed.

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