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About SharewareFinds database and searcher

The demo version of SharewareFinds has no restrictions on use, but contains only 108 listings.
      The full version is limited to five starts unless the copy has been registered and key received to unlock.
      Both versions may be freely distributed.

SharewareFinds runs under MS Windows-32 operating systems, including versions 2000 and XP.

SharewareFinds contains the results of custom software searching of shareware web sites. From more than 56,000 listings, the net result is now over 34,000 records.

Items were dropped for any of the following.
1. Programmer / Company / Hosting site or page not found.
2. Download links invalid, with no "moved" information, or moved links which have problems.
3. Redirection went to search sites, usually off topic.
4. Supposed software listings were fraudulent links to porn / sex / marriage / "health" / other sites. Surfers wanting such sites don't need fake software offerings to get there.
     No valid listings were censored.

Numerous companies harvest expired or parked domain names in hopes that residual traffic will result in clicks to their ad links. For most visitors, those pages are a total waste of time. substitutes custom software for weeks or months of manual searches on shareware. Resulting database program is sortable by name, version, release date, language, keywords, category, company, author, filename, and more, and is not limited to some small maximum number of results — unlike many on-line databases. Within a column, users can search quickly for ANY text, often with better success than on internet directories / libraries of shareware. Removal of program duplicates is by comparison of program name / version / year / month / day.
     Select while off-line, connect to download.

Some listings are labeled "type = commercial", but are still try-before-buy.

Results display can be resized by dragging an edge, and has been tested at resolutions from 800x600 to 1600x1200 pixel screen sizes.

Disclaimer: No computer program, system, or internet connection is infallible, so errors might exist in the harvested data, or in omissions of listings. Feedback is welcomed.
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