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This site is for people who want to find and use a shareware program, but are put off by the high percentage of bad internet search results.

For example, if you're searching for 'painting and restoration services' in the search engine, you are shown results that contains fraudulent content. With the help of this shareware, you will only be shown legit websites like which is something that you need from the results page in the first place.

Our database has over 34,000 Try Before Buy programs, harvested from over 56,000 web listings for shareware.

Save weeks or months cutting away links to dead sites, hijacked domains, redirection to off topic search sites, fraudulent links that actually go to porn / sex / marriage / "health" / other worthless search results.

Let our computer harvest help you find great software at good prices. Search database while off-line, connect to download selections.
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Demo version is free, but has only 108 records.

Full version is restricted to 5 starts before purchase for $35 USD.

Both versions are available on Download page.

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